I want to take a minute to inform families and guardians of how Austen-Dooley Company is addressing the COVID19 outbreak. As I am sure you are aware, the information regarding this virus and the recommendations from the CDC and the State of Missouri are changing daily. I know that our managers have reached out, but I want to reiterate that we are watching the updates closely and taking the following precautions to limit possible exposure to the virus:

• Homes are being cleaned with disinfectant on every shift (approximately 3 times daily).
• Team members who may be experiencing any COVID19 symptoms (fever, sore throat, cough) are asked to contact their manager before coming to work.
• All team members are being required to take their temperature at the beginning of their shift. Any elevated temp of 100 degrees or more and they are immediately sent home.
• We are limiting any community outings to necessary medical appointments. If medical appointments are not deemed urgent we are asking to have them rescheduled. In most cases, the physician’s office is canceling the appointments long before we are making that call.
• We are requesting that all of our individuals stay home from day programs, workshops, etc. We understand that some of you would like for your individual to continue with their day program, but at this time we are not transporting any individuals to day programs/or workshops. We want to reduce the risk of contracting the virus by limiting exposure to as few people as necessary. And if someone in the day program brings the virus back to the home, it could be devastating for everyone who resides there.
• We are requesting no visitors in the homes. We recommend facetime, skype or phone calls to keep in contact versus visits to the home. We can assist you in this as needed. We understand that you may want to visit and you may believe that your individual is not in the high risk group for this virus, but please be conscientious that the other individuals in the home may be in that group.
• Service monitoring is being completed by phone calls at this time as directed by the Department of Mental Health.
• We have stocked up on cleaning supplies, toilet paper, and other essential items.
• We are planning in home activities for each location so that individuals remain engaged and active during their day.
• We are following the Department of Mental Health and their recommendations. We anticipate some contract changes in the near future that will assist us in continuing to meet the needs of those we serve.

We do not currently have any individuals or team members (that we are aware of) suspected of being positive for this coronavirus. While we are doing all we can to ensure that our individuals are not exposed, we are also aware that team members could be carrying the virus and be asymptomatic. With the staffing requirements for our homes, and despite doing everything we can to protect our individuals, we cannot guarantee they will not be exposed and we understand that some families may want to take their individual home. If you want to provide care for your individual during this time, we understand and will do everything we can to assist you in making that possible.

We are here to answer any questions or concerns you might have. Please feel free to contact the manager of your home or myself or Kendra Shoop during office hours. Our office number is 816-347-8184.

Wishing you all good health during this crisis.


Kelly Dooley Creek